Conlinguas - Our Culture

Behind Conlinguas is Mary Luz and her team. Mary is the heart and spirit behind Conlinguas, she is a trained and certified Spanish teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience in different cultures. She has been living in Switzerland since 2010 and has laid the foundations for what Conlinguas is today from day one: the language school in Thalwil for Spanish, German and English. We cultivate a lively, intensive language training, founded in Mary's Latin American roots, paired with a lot of openness and heart for the student and passion for the cause. We combine these qualities with Swiss virtues such as high service orientation, professional organization and high effectiveness; through this combination of different cultures, Conlinguas has managed to get 100% of its students through the exams for the first time. We are constantly growing and expanding our team of teachers and our range of services accordingly. When selecting our teachers, we take great care to ensure that they fit in with our firm's culture, that they have a passion for the language and a commitment to our students.

Conlinguas - Our Value Proposition and USP

Our language programs for individuals and companies in Spanish, German and soon other languages: Private lessons, group courses, various focus areas such as holiday preparation, business language, exam preparation and seniors classes.

In addition to our courses, Conlinguas offers our Spanish-speaking community many events throughout the year that bring the language and culture to life, including a conversation club, literature club, cinema or other visits and even travel (see Events). Conlinguas also offers the interested public access to Spanish literature and exchange through its blog 'Rincón Literario'. Although we only offer events for the Spanish language, this spark is carried by our teachers into the courses of our other offered languages. This diversity, our passion for students and languages, and our modern infrastructure and organization make Conlinguas unique and are the reason for our healthy growth.

Conlinguas and Mary - Motivation and Aspiration

Spanish Language Teacher Mary


'I have met people with different needs, learning methods and individual abilities during my teaching activity. They all have a common goal, the desire to open a door to a new language (this guiding principle also lives in our logo). I consider myself fortunate to help these people achieve their goals. With Conlinguas we have created a language school that lives the Spanish language and culture and brings it to life also in our other languages trained'.